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Of Latin origin.

From the Latin name “Clarus”, meaning “bright”, “clear” and “famous”.

It was used mostly after the 13th century, due to Santa Chiara of Assisi, who founded the “Poor Clares” order of nuns.

As an English name it came into general use since the Middle Ages, mostly in the form of Clare.

In the Latin form Clara, it became more popular during the 19th century.

Other forms of the name are: Klara, Claris, Clare, Claire, Clarissa, Clarisse, Clarita, Clarine, Clarinda, Clarie.

Clara is a popular name in Denmark, France, Portugal and Austria.

Famous bearers are Clara Nunes, Clara Chung, Clara Hughes, Clara Lago, Clara Edwards, Clara Ward, Clara Mamet, Clara Khoury, Clara Paget, Clara Bow.

Brazilian singer Clara Nunes was regarded as one of Brazil’s “Samba Queens”.

She was also a researcher of Brazilian music’s roots and traditions.

Although it’s been over 30 years since she passed away, at the age of 40, she still remains one of Brazil’s most popular singers.