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Of French origin.

Originally a surname, indicating a person with dark hair.

Deriving from the French word “corbeau”, meaning “raven”.

It became widely known in the United States by actor Corbin Bernsen.

Other forms of the name are: Korbin, Corbyn, Korbinn, Corben, Korban, Corban.

Another famous bearer is American actor Corbin Bleu.

American actor and director, Corbin Bernsen, became widely known after his role as attorney Arnie Becker in the TV series “L.A. Law”, for which he received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

According to imbd Bernsen “proved along the way the role was not to be a dead-end stereotype, maintaining a steady career in both television and film over the course of three decades.

Moreover, his intent devotion to his career and love for the craft has compelled him in recent years to climb into the producer/writer, and director’s chair”.