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Of Anglo-Norman origin.

Derives from the Old French word “curteis”, meaning polite, courteous, noble.

It was also an English surname.

It was used after the Norman conquest of England.

Variants are Kurtis and Curt.

Famous bearers are Curtis Mayfield, Curtis Jackson known as 50 Cent, Curtis Armstrong, Curtis Salgado.

Singer, songwriter Curtis Mayfield was one of the most influential soul musicians of his time with an enormous music legacy.

He was the leader of “The Impressions” band, until he launched a solo career in 1970.

He was known for introducing social consciousness into his music, spreading messages of hope and giving courage to his listeners.

He was inducted into the ” Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” with his band “The Impressions” in 1991.

Paul Weller, a musician himself and admirer of Curtis Mayfield, interviewed him in 1988: