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Of Greek origin.

From the Greek word «δάμαλις» (damalis), meaning “calf”, metaphorically “virgin girl”.

Also from the Greek verb «δαμάζω» (damázo), meaning “to tame”.

Some sources mention pre-Greek etymology, the Sanskrit word element “dam”, meaning “to tame”.

The great tragic dramatist Euripides used the word «δάμαρ» (damar), of the same origin, to define “wife”, “woman”.

Damaris is mentioned in the 5th book of the New Testament.

She embraced Christian faith after listening to Apostle’s Paul preaching in the Athenian Areopagus.

Other forms of the name are Damarys, Damara.

Famous bearers are Damaris Phillips, Damaris Cudworth, Damaris Lewis, Damaris Evans.