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Of Greek origin.

Short form of the name Demetria. From Demetrius, the Latinized form of the Greek name Demetrios (Δημήτριος).

This name derives from the Greek goddess Demeter, from the Greek “δα” (da), meaning “earth” and “μήτηρ” (pronounced meeteer), meaning “mother”.

According to Greek mythology Demeter was the goddess of harvest and agriculture, mother of Persephone.

Demeter and Persephone were the dominant figures of the Eleusenian Mysteries, which were of the most famous secret initiations’ rites of ancient Greece.

Other forms of the name are Demy, Dimitra, Demmi.

Famous bearers are Demi Moore, Demi Lovato, Demi Harman.

Demi Moore is an American actress, filmmaker and activist.

She started her acting career in 1981 in the soap opera “General Hospital” and became widely known from her role in the 1985 film “St. Elmo’s Fire”.

She later starred in films such as “Ghost”, “Disclosure”, “A Few Good Men”, “Indecent Proposal”, before becoming the highest paid actress in the film industry, in 1996, for her role as Erin Grant, in “Striptease”.