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Of Germanic and English origin.

Derives from the English name Dederick.

This was a form of the Germanic name Theodoric, meaning people’s ruler.

Other forms of the name are: Dereck, Deryk, Ricky, Derreck, Derick, Dirk, Dick, Tudor.

Famous bearers are Derek Jacobi, Derek Luke, Derek Fisher, Derek Jeter, Derek Walcott, Derek Hough, Derek Fowlds, Derek de Lint, Derek Theler, Derek Ramsay, Derek Sanders.

Sir Derek Jacobi is one of the world’s most critically acclaimed actors.

A member of the “Royal National Theatre”, he became widely known for his leading role in the television series “I, Claudius”, the 1976 adaptation of Robert Graves’ novel.

In his long career he has won “BAFTA”, “TONY, “Laurence Olivier”, “Emmy” Awards.