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Short for Santiago.

From “Santo Yago”, meaning “Saint James“.

Another possible origin of the name is Greek, from the Latin name Didacus, which in turn derives from the Greek word “διδαχή”, meaning “teaching”.

Diego is a place name as well, from the second largest city of California, USA, San Diego.

San Diego is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California.

Other forms of the name are: Santiago, Dídac, Diogo, Xanti, Dago.

Diego is a popular name in Mexico, Chile, Spain, Galicia.

Famous bearers are Diego Maradona, Diego Rivera, Diego Forlan, Diego Simeone, Diego Klattenhoff, Diego Luna, Diego Costa, Diego Boneta, Diego Velázquez.

Diego Maradona is an Argentine former footballer.

He is consider as one of best, even the best football player of all time and he is the only player who set the world record of transfer fee twice in his career.

He was voted FIFA Player of the 20th century with Pelé.