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Of Scottish origin.

From the Gaelic name “Donnchadh”.

Derives from the Gaelic words “donn”, meaning brown and “cath”, meaning warrior, battle.

It is the name of a Scottish saint, Dúnchad mac Cinn Fáelad, who was the 11th abbot of Iona.

Duncan was the name of two Scottish kings, one of them, King Duncan of Scotland, featured in William Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth”.

Other forms of the name are Dunkan, Dunc, Donnchad, Donagh, Dune, Dunn.

Famous bearers are Duncan Jones, Duncan James, Duncan Tucker, Duncan Sheik.

English film director, screenwriter and producer Duncan Jones became widely known after directing the critically acclaimed film “Moon”, in 2009, for which he won a BAFTA award.