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From the name “Ελισάβετ”, the Greek form of the Hebrew name “Elisheva”.

The original meaning of the name is “my God is an oath” and another interpretation is “my God is abundance”.

In the Old Testament Elisheba was the wife of Aaron.

The Greek form appears in the New Testament where Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist.

The name was common, at first, among the Christians of Eastern Europe.

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, daughter of King Andrew II, used her wealth to help the poor in the 12th century.

In England, the Spanish and Occitan form of the name, Isabel, was more common.

The name Elizabeth became very popular in England since the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, in the 16th century.

Other forms are Elisabeth, Bess, Bessie, Betsy, Elisavet, Ella, Eliza, Ellie, Elisa, Elsa, Elisabetta, Elsie, Libby, Liz, Lisbeth, Isabel, Liana, Lilliana, Isabella, Izabella, Liesbeth.

Famous bearers are Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Hurley, Elizabeth Olsen, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth McGovern, Elizabeth Banks, Elizabeth Berkley, Elizabeth Mitchell, Elizabeth Stern, Elizabeth Pena.

Remarkable Elizabeth Taylor, beautiful, intelligent and talented Hollywood actress, ranked among the greatest movie stars of all times and a great friend, as people who knew her often stated, is one very good example of the name, with a strong personality that touched many people’s lives.

You may watch the one hour tribute TV show, produced by the BBC after she passed away: