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Elm is a unisex name of English, Italian and Germanic origin.

It is more commonly used as a masculine name as the short form of the names Elmer and Elmo, of English and Germanic origin respectively.

It means “noble and famous”.

Learn more for the Anglo-Saxon origin and meaning of Elm by reading about the name Elmer.

Elm is also a diminutive and Catalan form of the name Elmo.

Elmo is associated with Erasmus of Formia, known as Saint Elmo, the Christian saint and martyr who is considered the sailor’s patron saint.

Elm is a name that also appears in pop culture via “Pokemon” the video game, as the character of Professor Elm.

When used as a feminine name, Elm derives from the Elm tree which gives a beautiful symbolism to the name.

The Elm tree is connected with ancient Greek and Celtic myths.

Other forms of the name are Elmer and Elmo.