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Elmo is a masculine name of English and Germanic origin.

It means “noble and famous” by association with the name Elmer, derived from the Old Saxon name “Æðelmær”. This ancient name is a combination of the elements “æðel” and “mær”, meaning “noble” and “prominent” respectively.

Elmo, according to several sources, was used as a diminutive of old Germanic names that began with the word element “helm”. This was an ancient Germanic element, meaning “helmet” and “protection”.

Elmo is associated with Erasmus of Formia, known as Saint Elmo, the Christian saint and martyr who is considered the sailor’s patron saint.

One exciting association of the name is the Saint Elmo’s fire, the bright glow of the weather phenomenon that can light up the sky when strong electric fields are discharged in the atmosphere.

It may though be a somewhat awkward name choice due to the association with Elmo the Muppet character from “Sesame Street” TV show. Elmo is also the name of a character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel “The Hobbit”.

Other forms of the name are Elmer and Elm.

Famous bearers of the name are Elmo Kennedy O’Connor aka Bones, Elmo Hope, Elmo Langley.