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Of English origin.

Elton was used mainly as a last name.

Most sources mention that Elton was originally a place name, which meant ‘Elli’s town’ in Old English.

It is also associated with the Saxon words ‘ael’ and ‘eel’.

Variations of the name are Eldon, Ellton.

Famous bearers are Elton John (born Reginald Kenneth Dwight), Elton Dean, Elton Brand, Elton Sawyer.

Elton John is a legendary musician, singer, songwriter with an astonishing career.

Every year, from 1970 until 1996 he charted a single every year in the Top 40 and, in his 50 year career, has sold more than 300 million records.

He won numerous awards, such as Academy, Grammy and Tony Awards.

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