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Of Greek origin.

Eros means “being in love” in Greek.

In Greek mythology, Eros was the god of love and desire.

According to ancient poet Hesiod, Eros emerged self-born, from Chaos, the origin of everything, and Gaea, one of the primal goddesses who governed the universe before the Titans.

According to the Greek lyric poet Sappho, Eros was the son of Aphrodite and Uranus.

He is often depicted carrying arrows that cause his victims to fall in love.

Famous bearers are Eros Ramazzotti and Eros Vlahos.

Eros Ramazzotti is an Italian singer, songwriter.

He has released more than 15 albums and has sold more than 60 million records.

The following video clip is the second recording of Ramazzotti’s song “Cose della Vita” with Tina Turner. The song’s first, second and third recordings in Spanish topped numerous charts around the world.