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Exotic Baby Names

babyWhat is exotic to a name, if not the sound? Comforting, melodic, distinctive, mellow, pleasant, and euphoric. Great traits found in the list of exotic baby names in our article.

Some future parents would choose an exotic name for their baby in order to pay respect to their family’s origin.

Others simply because they’ve spent their honeymoon to an exotic destination and feel they can pass some of the singularity and fantastic vibes of this wonderful place to their baby’s idiosyncrasy.

What is culture? Google the word and you’ll get the definition: “the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively”.

Culture is a complex blend of many different elements such as language, art, social habits, cuisine, history, and so many other tangible and non-tangible aspects.

You want your baby’s name to stand out but not be subject to ridicule from other children.

So, when everyone else is trying to find the most unique and odd name, why don’t you choose a name that is common? Only thing: it’s common in another culture!

Do you admire French romanticism, Polynesian serenity, Greek philosophy or Hawaiian coolness?

Now it’s the time when this admiration can be of some serious use to you.

Take a stroll around those cultures you are so fond of and pick the right name for your baby girl or boy.


Exotic baby boy names

Biel – Catalan for “Gabriel”

Bjorn – Swedish for “bear”

Davi – Portuguese for David

Deepak – Indian, Sanskrit for “inflaming, exciting”

Gael – Breton, French for “uncertain”

Laszlo – Hungarian for “rules with glory”

Philippos – Greek for “friend of horses”

Pierre – French for “rock”

Raj – Indian for “king” or “prince” in Sanskrit

Tane – Maori for “man”


Exotic baby girl names

Allegra – Italian for “joyous”

Amity – Latin for “friendly”

Bijou – French for “small & delicate”

Damita – Spanish for “little noblewoman”

Leia – Hawaiian for “child of heaven”

Mariko – Japanese for “true” or “straight”

Meli – Greek for “honey”

Sayen – Native American for “sweet, lovely” in Mapuche

Yasmin – Persian for “jasmine, the flower”

Zola – Zulu for “quiet, tranquil”

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