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Of Latin origin.

From the English word “faith” , meaning “trust”, “honesty”, “loyalty to a person”, “truthfulness”.

From Old French “feid”, meaning “faith”, “trust”, “confidence”, originally from Latin “fides”, “fidere”, meaning “to trust”.

A virtue name that came into use by the Puritans in the 17th century.

Other forms of the name are Fayth, Faye, Fay.

Faith was most popular in 2008, when ranked #48 in the United States and is currently #91.

Famous bearers are Faith Hill, Faith Evans, Faith Ford, Faith Prince, Faith Yang, Faith Salie, Faith Leech.

Faith Hill is an American country singer and actress.

She has won numerous awards and has released some of the most successful country albums, that hit #1 in the Billboard country charts such as “Breathe”, which is one of the best selling country albums of all time.