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February Baby Names

February is the month of purification.

This may just be all you need so that you’ll pick this month as your sole inspiration for choosing the best baby name for your amazing newborn treasure.

Before you make your final decision, remember you are making a choice for another human being, with a character of its own.

So keep in mind that the name you will pick is both a gift and a big responsibility.

Make sure your choice will be cast upon your cherished baby as a blessing and not a burden.

February is the only month of the calendar with a length of 28 or 29 days.

It’s the month the world celebrates Valentine’s day, therefore it’s associated with cupid and little red hearts and flowers and stuff.

The name of the month originates from the Latin word “februum”, meaning “pure”.

It was the Romans who “baptized” February, from the festival of purification and expiation that was held in that period of the old lunar Roman calendar.

There is plenty of inspiration to be found in this month. Read about it here, and you may discover some views close to your perceptions and aspects of life.

The Roman goddess Juno was worshipped in the ancient festival of ‘februum’. Juno was the equivalent of Greek goddess Hera. Both of them were considered protectors of women and marriage.

Juno was also considered the protector of the community and state. She was a complex figure, connected with vital energy and force.

February’s flowers are violets and primroses. February’s jewel is the amethyst.

Violets are blooming in very cold weather and their amazing colorful petals stand out in snowy surroundings.

Primroses will signal the forthcoming of spring and will also bloom in cold weather.

Delicate and strong, bold and courageous, these flowers offer a fantastic inspiration, associated with February.

Amethyst symbolizes sincerity and spiritual wisdom.

In Ancient Egypt, amethyst was considered a guard against fearful feelings and situations.

The word amethyst derives from the Greek «αμέθυστος», pronounced “amethystos”, meaning sober.

According to an ancient myth, the amethyst was dyed purple by the tears of Dionysos, the Greek god of wine, fertility, and ecstasy.

If you are an expecting parent who appreciates all or some of these characteristics, then you should definitely look into February inspired names for your dazzling little baby.

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