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Of Roman origin.

Meaning “lucky, successful”, “favored by luck” in Latin.

It was popular among early Christians. Many early saints were named Felix and also four popes.

It has been used in England in the Middle Ages and it has been even more popular in continental Europe.

Famous bearers are Felix Mendelssohn, Felix Pappalardi Jr., Felix Sanchez, Felix Guattari, Felix Neureuther, Felix Jones, Felix Jaehn, Felix Kroos, Felix Magath.

One very loved Felix is fictional. “Felix the cat”, is a cartoon character created in the silent film era. Felix became a TV series in 1958 and soon a pop culture icon.

The series had an original theme song, written by American composer Winston Sharples and performed by Ann Bennett:

Felix is a popular name in the United States, Austria, England and Wales, Denmark, Canada, France, Netherlands, Sweden and Australia.


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