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Of Latin origin.

From the Latin word “flōrem”, meaning flower.

In Roman mythology, Flora was the goddess of flowering, plants, and spring.

The “Floralia” festival was held in her favor since 238 BC.

Ovid, the Roman poet, wrote that Zephyrus, the West Wind, who according to the Greek mythology was the god of the west wing, kissed the nymph Chloris and turned her into Flora.

It has been used as a given name since the Renaissance.

It is also used as a short for Florence.

Other forms of the name are Flo, Floretta, Florelle, Fiorella, Fiore, Florinda, Fleur.

Famous bearers are Flora Purim, Flora Martínez, Flora Chan, Flora Montgomery, Flora Carabella, Flora Robson, Flora Cross.

Brazilian jazz singer Flora Purim also called “Queen of Brazilian Jazz”, has performed with some of the world greatest jazz musicians, such as Stan Getz, Gil Evans, Dizzy Gillespie.

She has been awarded the 2002 “Ordem do Rio Branco”, one of Brazil highest awards.