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Of Germanic origin.

Frankie is feminine and masculine name, mostly used in the English speaking world.

It’s a diminutive of the names Frank and Frances.

Variants are: Franco, Franck, Fanny, Fran, Franny, Sissy, Cissy, Francisca, Franziska.

Famous male bearers are Frankie Valli, Frankie Avalon, Frankie Muniz, Frankie Faison, Frankie Laine, Frankie Banali, Frankie Vaughan, Frankie Boyle, Frankie Ballard, Frankie Gomez, Frankie J, Frankie Fredericks, Frankie Yankovic, Frankie Beverly.

Famous female bearers are Frankie Shaw, Frankie Ingrassia, Frankie Thorn, Frankie Sandford, Frankie Rayder.

Frankie Valli, has had an astonishing career in music, with his band “4 Seasons”, and he is a wonderful example of what a Frankie can accomplish.

“Can’t take my eyes off of you”, written by B. Crewe & B. Caudio, is Valli’s most loved and popular song, with a major cultural impact.

He was chosen to sing the theme song of the film “Grease”, written by Barry Gibb.

The film was a huge international box office success, with a gross total of almost 400 million dollars. The soundtrack was also a great success, went platinum in many countries and sold more than 20 million copies worlwide.

Frankie Valli performed both these songs on the American Idol: