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Of Nordic origin.

Variant of the name Freyja, which is the feminine form of the Old Norse and Icelandic name Freyr.

Freyja meant “lady” in Old Norse.

According to Norse mythology, she is the daughter of Njǫrðr. Her husband is Óðr. Freyja and her brother Freyr belonged to the Vanir deities.

She was the goddess of beauty, love and war and she cried golden tears.

Other forms of the name are Frea, Freja, Freyja, Frøya.

Masculine forms of the name are Frey, Freyr.

Freya is ranked #19 in England, #33 in Ireland and #64 in New Zealand.

Famous bearers are Freya Tingley, Freya Van den Bossche, Freya Wilson, Freya Mavor, Freya Parker, Freya Hoffmeister, Freya Stafford.

Freya Van den Bossche is a Belgian politician, the youngest minister ever appointed in Belgian government. More about Freya Van den Bossche.