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Also Gabriella.

Of Hebrew origin.

Feminine form of the masculine name Gabriel.

From the Hebrew name “Gavri’el”, meaning “God is my strength”.

Another meaning that is given to the name in Greek (Γαβριήλ) and in Hebrew is “man of God”.

According to the Bible, Gabriel is one of the seven archangels, serving as God’s messenger.

Alternative forms of the name are: Gabrielle, Gabby, Briella, Gabi.

Famous bearers are Gabriela Sabatini, Gabriella Cilmi, Gabriela Spanic, Gabriela Duarte, Gabriela Montero, Gabriella Wilde, Gabriela Mistral.

Australian singer, songwriter Gabriella Cilmi was awarded several ARIA music awards and became widely known when her song “Sweet about me” became a worldwide pop hit.