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Of Arabic, Hebrew and/or Native American origin.

Means “luck” in Hebrew.

Ancient Arabian and Aram records mention Gad as the Semitic god of fortune.

According to the Old Testament, Gad is Jacob’s and Zilpah’s son.

He is also mentioned as a prophet.

He was the founder of the “Tribe of Gad”, one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Sources mention Gad to be a “Dine” (Navajo) masculine name.

It means “juniper tree” in Navajo language.

It is a sacred tree to the “Dine” people, with many beneficial uses. It was used in many traditional ceremonies and also for bracelets that were considered protective, especially for mothers and newborns.

Gad (Juniper) branches were boiled to provide a tea, served to the mothers after giving birth for quick recovery and purification.

Famous bearers are Gad Elmaleh, Gad Frederik Clement, Gad Elbaz, Gad Granach, Gad Lerner.