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A Scottish name of Celtic origin.

Gavin is a form of the name “Gawain”.

Sources associate the name with the Latin “Walganus” and with the Welsh hero Gwalchmei.

It is also associated with the name “Gwalchgwyn”, meaning “white hawk”.

Alternative forms of the name are: Gawain, Gavyn, Gawayn, Gawyn.

Famous bearers are Gavin Hood, Gavin MacLeod, Gavin Rae, Gavin McInnes, Gavin Smith, Gavin Christopher, Gavin James, Gavin DeGraw, Gavin Free, Gavin Henson, Gavin Floyd.

Gavin Hood is a South African actor, filmmaker and producer.

He became widely known after writing and directing the 2005 film “Tsotsi”.

He also directed films such as “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, “Eye in the Sky”, etc.