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Of Greek origin.

Feminine form of the name George.

Georgia is the name of an American state, which was named after King George II of Great Britain.

Other forms of the name are Georgie, Gina, Georgiana, Georgina, Georgeta, Gigi, Jorja, Georgeanna, Georgette, Georgine, Giorgina.

Masculine forms of the name are George, Yorgos, Geordie, Jurgen, Yuri, Xurxo.

Famous bearers are Georgia O’ Keefe, George Sande, Georgia Henshaw, Georgia Engel, Georgia Bonora, Jorja Fox, Giorgia Todrani, Giorgia Moll, Giorgia Wurth.

Georgia O’ Keefe is an amazing representative of the name. She was a great painter, highly esteemed and identified as the first female American modernist.

She didn’t follow any specific artistic movement and remained outside the mainstream art scene of her time.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art provides a slideshow of her work and a comprehensive biography.