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Of Greek and Latin origin.

Feminine form of the name Giuliano.

From the name Julian that derives from the Roman name Iulianus and is associated with the name Julius.

These names have a common origin. From the Greek word “ίουλος” (ioulos), meaning the first facial hair of youngsters.

Also associated with Jupiter, the Roman god of the sky, king of the gods in ancient Roman religion.

Masculine forms are Giuliano, Julian, Jules, Jools, Julien, Giulio, Julen.

Other forms of the name are Gillian, Gill, Juliana, Julienne, Juliet, Julie, Juliette, Jill, Juliane, Julitta, Liana.

Giuliana was ranked #552 in the U.S.A.

Famous bearers are Giuliana Rancic, Giuliana Sgrena, Giuliana Benetton, Giuliana de Sio, Giuliana Camerino, Giuliana Calandra.