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Of Irish origin.

Grady was an Irish surname.

Derives from “Ó Grádaigh”, which means “descendant of Grádaigh”.

Grádaigh means “noble” in Gaelic, from the word “gráda” of the same meaning.

Famous bearers are Grady Tate, Grady Thomas, Grady Benton, Grady Jackson, Grady Martin, Grady Mathews, Grady Sutton.

Grady Tate is an American singer and drummer.

He is mostly known as a great soul-jazz drummer and has played with legendary artists, such as Lionel Hampton, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Cal Tjader, Astrud Gilberto, etc.

He, also, has a warm baritone voice, for which he is less known than his drumming skills.