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Of Welsh origin.

From the Welsh element “gwyn”, meaning “white”, “fair”.

Diminutive of the name Gwendolen, which appears in both Welsh and English myths.

Also short for Guinevere.

According to the Celtic myth, Gwen was the daughter of Brychan, the 5th c. legendary king of the Welsh kingdom of Brycheiniog, who had 24 children from three wives.

Other forms of the name are Gwendolen, Gwendolyn, Gwendoline, Gwenny, Wendolen, Wendie, Gwyndolin.

Gwen is ranked #213 in Holland and #761 in the U.S.A. (2016).

Famous bearers are Gwen Stefani, Gwen Harwood, Gwen Gurthie, Gwen McCrae, Gwen Jorgensen, Gwen John, Gwen Verdon, Gwen Ifill, Gwen Sebastian.

Gwen Renée Stefani is an American singer, songwriter.

Watch the following short video to know more about Stefani, her talents, and traits that drove her to international stardom: