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Hamish is a Scottish name of Hebrew origin.

Hamish is an Anglicized form of the name Seamus, Scottish form of the name James.

The early Scottish names mainly originated from Celts and Picts. Parents in Medieval Scotland didn’t have the freedom to choose baby names as we have today.

There is a great diversity of Scottish names, due to the mixture and influences of other cultures, such as the Roman and the Scandinavian.

Other forms of the name are: James, Jim, Jimi, Jimmie, Jaymes, Jamey, Jemmy, Jaime, Jacques, Jacob,  Santiago, Jaak, Giakomo, Séamus, Jakub, Jacobo, Yago, Yakub, Seamus, Seumas, Hemi, Iago, Jamie.

This name is ranked #57 in Scotland.

Famous bearers are H. Linklater, H. Rosser, H. Stuart, H. Blake, H. Glencross.

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Hamish Given Name