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Happy Βaby Νames

happy_2Choose a name from our list of Happy Baby Names and give your baby a perfect head start in life. Being happy is what makes life worth living. Happiness improves our immune system and prolongs life.

Babies’ happiness is connected with the fact that they enjoy every moment of every day and they have no notion or worry about what will come next.

Scientists are lately studying the association between positive emotions and good health. Studies especially focused on early childhood stress showed the importance of joy in babies’ lives.

It is essential that all parents would nourish their kids’ positive mental and physical health. Heart and other diseases can and will be reduced accordingly to people’s ability to face stress with balanced emotions.

According to scientists, hopefulness, enthusiasm, and engagement in life, as well as outdoor activities and interaction with other people are linked with lower blood pressure and reduced danger of coronary heart disease.

Also important is the parents’ ability to transmit to their children the importance of calmness. Being able to come back from a stressful situation into a relaxed state is hard for grownups. Learning to do this, not just for the kids’ sake but for the whole family’s benefit is a goal a parent should attend to on a daily basis.

A parents’ stress is immediately transmitted to the baby. You may think that hiding your emotions from your baby would do it, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Non-verbal communication is as important as words. Science has established this as well. Babies’ will absorb more from your facial expression, the tone of voice and eye contact than you can imagine.


Preparation for a new baby must include taking care of a parent’s balanced mind and soul.

It is of utmost importance to be able to share feelings of love, appreciation, to focus on the perception that good things will happen, no matter how difficult a period of your life may be. In such periods, we are surrounded by rather stressful and gloomy news. These can extend to a personal issue or an international event with global effect.

The way we treat the planet has already backfired and this means that our newborns will have a lot to do as grownups, in order to make things right and bring back optimism for the future.

Joyful sentiments, a good physical and mental state, a sense of balance and harmony make us happy. It’s the same for newborn babies as well. They are fragile and more sensitive to the balance between positive and negative.
An optimistic name will positively influence your baby.

Giving a happy name to them is a move towards cheerful loveliness.

It would be a fantastic introduction to people they’ll meet and will immediately spread a sense of comfort and warmth.

Let’s take a look at one of the names we propose.

The Spanish name Cayo. Research suggests that Cayo derives from the Roman name Gaius.

The letters C and G are anyways associated, as you may find out in our articles “Baby Names that start with C” and “Baby Names that start with G”.

Cayo is linked with “rejoice” via “Gaius”, possibly derived from the Latin word “gaudere”. It’s no surprise, Cayo sounds pleasant and light.

Let’s take a look at some additional associations of Cayo with Gaius and their importance. Gaius’ initial letter G is connected with “gaia”, meaning “earth” in ancient Greek.

Cayo’s initial letter C resembles the scythe tool. So, Cayo is about rejoicing and the connection of humans with cultivating the earth and cutting the crops.

Another happy name we suggest is Audrey. A name associated with nobility and strength.

Audrey’s initial letter A is used to denote prestigious quality or status. So, it’s only natural to categorize Audrey as a happy name. Nobility is directly connected with integrity and goodness.

Like Cayo and Audrey, all forty happy baby names we suggest are associated with positive meanings.

Pick one whether it’s connected with happiness, friendship or luck and help your precious baby project a colorful and blissful aura.

If you are still feeling doubtful, don’t forget the United States Declaration of Independence: “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness“, the three unalienable rights given to all human beings.

Some additional notes about your research for the perfect name:

Name meanings can be revealing about people’s interaction among themselves, as well as with nature and the surrounding environment throughout history, written or verbal.

They encapsulate the evolution of human culture and mindset from the depths of time to our current status. It looks like a long shot, but it isn’t.

Mankind has reached the moon and beyond using intellect and spoken words, which are an external expression of what is inside. Inside our brains, our hearts and our souls.

Inside our body, magnificent things seem to be happening. The complexity of the systems in the human entity is still surprising top scientists and producing amazing new information that is not yet processed even by major scientific organizations around the world. It’s a work in progress.

Processes that deserve respect and further study that will eventually lead us to understand more about our existence and the world that surrounds us. All of these are still parts of scientific and philosophical research.

Mysterious as they are, the meanings and the use of words and names have strongly affected people’s lives and are still affecting our daily routine.

It’s up to us while we are engaged in trivial, seemingly insignificant parts of our everyday life, never to forget that warmth, love, gratitude, patience, perseverance, are attributes that would lead us to happiness and bliss. Also to never get carried away and forget that every word, every gesture, every glimpse, is an offer, and could be a healing procedure to ourselves and our precious babies.

It’s easy to discard all of these as too idealistic, melodramatic, irrelevant, and unpractical, therefore insignificant to the daily needs and struggles of parents and their babies.

Take a moment and contemplate. These are the exact ideas included in every religious teaching throughout human history. Every philosophical theory produced by the human spirit suggests their importance.

Let every “like” button you hit on a Facebook quote about self-improvement be a reminder of all these.

Our thoughts, actions, and decisions are the results of the entity that we are. Given names carry within them the attributes of countless entities of the past. And since the language, is alive, continuously changing and evolving so do words and names.

The words and the names we use are a reflection of thousands of years of human history. Progress, disaster, compassion, love, empathy, and understanding are included in the words and the names we choose.

Offer the best parts of yourself to your beloved and cherished baby and they could live happily ever after.

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