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Of English origin.

A variant of the name Hailey.

From the surname “Haley”.

It was an Old English toponym from the words “heg”, meaning “hay” and “leah”, meaning “clearing” or “meadow”.

Therefore, Hayley means “hay meadow” and/or “hay-clearing”.

Other forms of the name are Hailey, Haylee, Halee, Haley, Hayleigh, Hailee, etc.

Hayley has dropped 76 places in the 2016 U.S.A. baby names popularity lists and is ranked #622.

Hayley is ranked #90 in Australia, #97 in New Zealand, and #438 in Holland.

Famous bearers are Hayley Mills, Hayley Williams, Hayley Tamaddon, Hayley Atwell, Hayley Angel Holt, Hayley Chase, Hayley Kiyoko, Hayley Westenra.