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It is an Old French name and surname, Henri, of Germanic origin.

Means “estate ruler”.

From the name Haimiric, Heimirich in German. Haimiric derives from the word elements Haim, meaning “home, world” and Ric, meaning “power, ruler, mighty, rich”.

It was a popular name among the European continental kings. Seven German kings were named Heinrich or Henry.

In France, the name Henri came from the Latin form Henricus.

It was imported in England by the Normans and it became popular, due to the fact that there were eight kings named Henry.

During the Middle Ages, in England, it was commonly used as Harry.

Common feminine forms are Harriet and Henrietta. Also, feminine forms are Henrika, Rika, Ina, Henna.

Other forms of the name are Hal, Hank, Henrik, Hendrik, Hein, Heiko, Henk, Rik, Henri, Harry, Enrico, Enzo, Enrique, Rico, Henrique, Harrison, Hendry.

Famous bearers are Henry James,  Henry Miller, Henry Fonda, Henry Mancini, Henry Ford, Prince Harry, Harry Belafonte, Harry Dean Stanton, Harry Connick Jr., Harry Houdini, Harry Truman, Harry Nilsson, Enrico Fermi, Enzo Ferrari, Enrico Macias.

Henry is a popular name in England, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United States.

Italian-American composer Henry Mancini is considered one of the greatest film composers in the world.

During his amazing career, he won all the awards associated with his art: twenty Grammy Awards, four Academy Awards, and a Golden Globe.

His most recognized compositions are “Pink Panther’s Theme” and “Moon River” song from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

He is the creator of many successful soundtracks, such as “Peter Gunn”, “Love Story”, “A Summer Place”, “Charade”, “Two for the Road”.