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Of Greek origin.

The name “Όμηρος” -Homeros- derived from the word “όμηρος”, meaning “hostage”.

The origin of this word comes from deep into the ancient Greek, probably from the verb “αραρίσκω” which meant keeping company or rabbet.

Homer is known as the author of the Iliad and Odyssey and was the first and greatest epic poet.

These two poems of the Trojan War and a warrior journey home from the war, are considered the greatest legends of the Western world, only to be compared to the stories of the Bible.

In Plato’s “Republic”, Homer is portrayed as the “first teacher” and the “leader of Greek culture”.

Famous bearer are: Homer Plessy, Homer Bailey, Homer Hickman, Homer Davenport.

The most famous Homer -following the epic Greek poet- is fictional. The patriarch of the Simpson family, Homer Simpson.