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Of Germanic origin.

Associated with the Germanic element “id”, meaning “work”.

Also associated with the Old Saxon element “idis”, meaning “woman” and Old High German “itis”, meaning “wise woman”.

The name was introduced to England by the Normans.

According to Greek mythology, Mount Ida, located in Crete, was a sacred mountain. It was the place where the Titaness Rhea gave baby Zeus to his foster-mother Amaltheia, to protect and nurse him.

Other forms of the name are Ide, Aida, Idella, Idah, Idelle.

Famous bearers are Ida Maria, Ida Lupino, Ida B. Wells, Ida Kar, Ida Kavafian, Ida Presti, Ida Cox, Ida Marcussen, Ida Rolf, Ida Dwinger, Ida Nowakowska.