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Of Gaelic or Old Irish origin.

Imogen derives from a misspelling or variation of the name Innogen.

Innogen was a legendary British queen. She was recorded for the first time in written form, by Shakespeare, in his 1609 play “Cymbeline”.

The name may have been printed incorrectly and was never corrected. It is also mentioned that it may have been another variation of the name that already existed, and Shakespeare provided the oldest.

The name Innogen is probably derived from Gaelic “inghean”, meaning “maiden”.

The legendary British queen Innogen was King’s Brutus wife.

Famous bearers are Imogen Heap, Imogen Stubbs, Imogen Boorman, Imogen Bailey, Imogen Annesley.

Imogen is a popular name in England, Australia, New Zealand and Scotland.