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Of Greek origin.

A unisex name.

From the English word “indigo”.

Derives from the Greek word «ινδικόν» (indikon), meaning “from India”.

Indigo refers to the large plant family “indigofera”, which includes more than 700 species of flowers and plants that grow in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the planet.

Indigo also refers to the deep and rich color and the dye or extract that comes from the plants, which is positioned between blue and violet.

Indigo is also associated with the “indigobirds”, which are a species of small passerine birds of African origin.

“Indigo” in literature, is the title of Marina Warner’s 1992 novel.

Indigo was a rising baby name in the U.S.A. until 2016 when its popularity dropped.

It is ranked #2734 as a boy name and #1750 as a girl name.