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Of Greek origin.

From the Greek name «Αγνή» (Hagne).

Derives from the Greek word «αγνός» (hagnós), meaning “chaste”, “intact”, “pure”.

Other forms of the name are Αγνή, Agnes, Inez, Agnese, Agneta, Agnis, Ynes, Inés, Agnella, Aggie, Anezka, Nancy, etc.

Ines is ranked #9 in Portugal, #14 in France, #25 in Spain, #26 in Sweden. According to baby names’ popularity lists in 2016.

Famous bearers are Ines Sastre, Ines Papert, Inès de La Fressange, Inés Sainz , Ines Torelli, Inés Ferrer Suárez.