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Of German origin.

Irma is a German short for names that begin with the Germanic element “ermen”, meaning whole, universal.

In the English speaking countries it wasn’t used until the 19th century.

It is associated with the name Emma.

Alternative forms of the name are: Irmina, Erma, Imke, Irminia.

Famous bearers are Irma Pany (stage name: Irma), Irma Serrano, Irma Schultz Keller, Irma Thomas, Irma Christenson, Irma Achten, Irma Córdoba.

Irma is one of YouTube’s success stories in France.

After uploading her renditions of tracks by artists such as Norah Jones, she signed a record deal and released her first album “Letter to the Lord”.

She soon reached the French Top Ten in 2011 with her single “I know”.

Irma Serrano, known as “La Tigresa”, is a Mexican singer, songwriter, actress and politician.

She became famous after playing role in movies, such as “La Martina” and “La Tigresa”.

She is one of the most well-known singers of the Ranchera and Corrido genres.