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Of Scottish origin.

From a surname deriving from a Scottish place.

Irving meant “green water” and the surname has a long history in Scotland with extensive research found in several books, such as “The Book of the Irvings & c” by Colonel J.B. Irving.

Some sources mention as possible origin of the name the River Irvine, by association with the name Irvine.

Other forms of the name are: Irvin and Irvine.

Famous bearers are Irving Berlin, Irving Penn, Irving Caesar, Irving Langmuir.

Irving Berlin and Irving Penn, both of Russian Jew origin, are two iconic figures of the American arts, in music and photography respectively.

Irving Penn is a legend of the photography world. He always managed to capture the spirit of his time and pass on to his portraits the significant influence of great painters.

He was an astonishing fashion photographer and he pushed the boundaries of art and fashion.

Irvin Berlin, spent most of his career writing song for Broadway musicals, and is considered as the most successful songwriter of the 20th century.