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A variant of the name Isidora.

From the masculine name Isidore.

From the Greek «Ισίδωρος» (Isidoros), meaning “gift of Isis”.

A combination of the words «δώρον», meaning “gift” and “Isis”, which was the Egyptian goddess of the moon, motherhood, sky, and sky.

She was a major goddess and wife of god Osiris.

According to the Egyptian mythology, the river Nile would flood every year because of her tears of sorrow for her husband’s death.

Saint Isidora was a 4th century AD Egyptian nun and hermitess, among the earliest “Fools for Christ”, meaning one who gives up all possession and serving Christianity.

Other forms of the name are Isidora, Ysadora, Izadora, Dora, Doreen, Doretta.

Famous bearers are Isadora Duncan, Isadora Williams.