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It may be used as a diminutive form of the name “Ivan“, which is a Slavic form of the name “John“.

Another origin of the name is from the Germanic element “iv”, meaning “yew”.

It may also be derived from a cognate Celtic element.

Ivo is the name of several saints, who are also known as Saint Yves.

Feminine forms are Iva, Ivana, Iveta, Yvonne, Yvette, Giovanna, Seana, Janis, Johanna, etc.

Variants of the name are Yvo, Yves, Ivar, Erwan, Yvon, Sean, Juan, Yannis, Giovanni.

Famous bearers are Ivo Andric, Ivo Canelas, Ivo van Hove, Ivo Pogorelic, Ivo Kalrovic, Ivo Garrani, Ivo Minar, Ivo Linna, Ivo Caprino, Ivo Fabijan.