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Of Hebrew origin.

From the name “Ya’aqov”, which was translated into “Ιάκωβος”, Iakovos, in Greek and then turned into the Latin “Iacobus”.

According to the Old Testament, Jacob was the youngest son of Isaac and Rebecca, twin brother of Esau.

He became one of the most important patriarchs of Israel, father of Israel’s twelve founders of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Jacob was born holding his twin brother’s heel, so the name means “holder of the heel” or “supplanter”.

It was used as a Christian name after the Protestant Reformation.

Jacob is a cognate of James. The two names derive from the same origin.

Lately, Jacob has been given a big boost, following the success of the “Twilight” book series, that was adapted for the movies and TV.

Other forms of the name are Jakob, Yakov, Coby, Jacko, Jakie, Jaco, Cob, Jacobe, Jake, Jacobi, Jock, Hamish, Jacoby.

Jacob is a popular name in the United States, England, Canada, Northern Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

Famous bearers are Jacob Grimm, Jacob Lawrence, Jacob Vargas, Jacob Young, Jacob Anderson, Jacob Latimore, Jacob Smith, Jacob Pitts.