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Of Hebrew and/or Greek origin.

English form of the Old French name Jehanne, which was a form of Johanna.

This was the feminine form of John in the Middle Ages, deriving from the Greek name “Ιωάννης”, Ioannis.

Ioannis was borne by Hellenized Jews and is an adaptation of the Hebrew name Yochanan, meaning “graced by God”, therefore Jane also bears this meaning.

It is a name that, in various spellings, has been common among European royalty. Several queens bore the name, such as the queen of Naples and Castile.

Other forms of the name, in English and other languages are Joan, Janis, Jean, Jeanne, Joanna, Joni, Ivana, Gianna, Giovanna, Ioanna, Seana, Hanna, Yanna, Xoàna, Janette, etc.

Masculine forms of the name are John, Jon, Jan, Giannis, Yannis, Yanni, Ivan, Ivo, Jake, Evan, Giovanni, Xoàn, Juan, etc.

Joan is popular in Catalonia and Spain.

Famous bearers are Jane Fonda, Jane Austin, Jane Birkin, Jane Goodall, Jane Seymour, Jane Lynch, Jane Russell, Jane Asher, Jane Adams, Jane Leeves, Jane Kaczmarek, Jane Levy, Jane Krakowski.