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Of unknown origin.

Jessica was mentioned for the first time in Shakespeare’s 1596 play “The Merchant of Venice”.

In the play Jessica is Shylock’s daughter. Shylock is a Venetian Jewish, therefore sources mention that Jessica may be inspired by the spelling of the biblical name “Iscah” at the time, which would have been “Jescha”.

Jessica was a rather rare name until the middle of the 20th century.

Alternative forms of the name are Jessika, Jess, Jessa, Jessi, Jezica, Jessyka.

Jessica is a popular name in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

Famous bearers are Jessica Alba, Jessica Tandy, Jessica Lange, Jessica Biel, Jessica Brown Findlay, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Chastain, Jessica Ennis, Jessica Capshaw.

Jessica Lange is an American film, stage and tv actress.

She is a worldwide acclaimed artist and has received numerous awards, such as Academy, Tony, BAFTA, Golden Globe, Emmy awards, etc.

She gave amazing performances in films such as “All That Jazz”, “The Postman Always Rings Twice”, “Tootsie”, “Frances”, “Cape Fear”, “A Thousand Acres”, “Big Fish”, etc.