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Of Hebrew and/or Greek origin.

A unisex name.

A variant of the name Joan.

Finnish form of the name John.

Derives from Iohannes, the Latin form of the Greek name Ιωάννης (Ioannis).

There are many forms of the name in different languages and cultures.

John and Ioanna were initially common names among the Christians of the Eastern Byzantine Empire, especially the Greeks.

After the First Crusade, their use was expanded in Western Europe as well.

Other forms of the feminine name are Joan, Joanna, Johanna, Jane, Janis, Giovanna, Ivana, Seana, etc.

Other forms of the masculine name are John, Jon, Giannis, Yannis, Yanni, Giovanni, Jan, Juan, Vanya, Ivan, Ivo, Jake, etc.

Famous female bearers are Joni Mitchell, Joni Sledge, Joni Bovill, Joni Harms, Joni Kamen.