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Origin disputed.

From Greek word “ίουλος”, that means the first beard of adolescent boys.

Another possible origin is Jupiter, the Roman god.

Julio is the Spanish and Portuguese form of the name Julius.

Feminine forms of the name are Julia, Julie, Juliet, Juliette.

Other forms of the name are Jules, Jools, Giulio, Julius, Xulio.

Famous bearers are Julio Iglesias, Júlio César Soares de Espíndola widely known as Júlio César, Julio Aleman, Julio Bracho, Julio Baptista, Julio Bocca, Julio Cortázar, Júlio Medaglia, Julio Sosa.

Julio Iglesias is one of the most popular singers in the history of Latin music.

His full name is José Iglesias de la Cueva, born in Madrid, Spain, in 1943.

His amazing success has spanner six decades and it is estimated that he has sold more than 300 million records.

He is the father of Enrique Iglesias, who is regarded as the King of Latin Pop.

One of Julio’s most popular songs is “Hey”, by R. Arcusa, M. Balducci, G. Belfiore and J. Iglesias himself.