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Of Greek and Latin origin.

Julitta is one of the diminutive forms of the name Julia.

Julia is the feminine form of Julius.

Possibly from the Greek word “ίουλος”, pronounced “ioulos”, meaning the first beard of adolescent boys.

It is related to Jupiter, Roman god of the sky, king of the gods in ancient Roman religion.

Julius was also the name of a prominent Roman family.

Julietta or Giulitta was the name of a 4th-century saint who martyred in Tarsus with her son Quariaqos (Saint Cyricus).

Variants of the name are Julita, Iulia, Julia, Yulia, Giulia, Giuliana, Julie, Jools, Juliet, Jules, Juliette, Juliana.

Masculine forms of the name are Julio, Julius, Jules, Jools, Giuliano, Xulio.