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Of Greek origin.

A form of the name Katherine.

Commonly used in the Scandinavian countries, especially in Denmark.

From the Greek name “Αικατερίνη”, Ekaterine, associated with the word “καθαρός”, meaning pure.

Karen became widely used in the English speaking countries after the first decades of the 20th century.

Variant forms of the name are Karin, Katerina, Caren, Catherine, Karyn, Katina, Kate, Katarina, Catarina, Katya, Caitlin, Katrina, Yekaterina, Catalina, Katyusha.

Karen is a popular name in Iceland.

Famous bearers are Karen Allen, Karen Carpenter, Karen Blixen, Karen Gillan, Karen Black, Karen Grassle, Karen Fairchild, Karen Cliche, Karen Souza, Karen Olivo, Karen White, Karen Hassan, Karen Lynn Gorney, Karen Taylor, Karen Young.

Baroness Karen von Blixen, was a Danish author, known by the pen name Isak Dinesen.

She became widely known due to the Award winning film adaptations of her works, “Out of Africa” and “Babette’s Feast”.