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Of Scottish origin.

Originally a surname used by several Scottish noble men.

Derives from the Brythonic element “cet”, meaning wood.

Famous bearers are Keith Richards, Keith Jarrett, Keith Moon, Keith Urban, Keith Emerson, Keith Flint, Keith Haring, Keith Relf, Keith Carradine, Keith David, Keith Allen, Keith Sweat, Keith Stanfield.

English guitarist, songwriter Keith Richards formed the band that is acknowledged by critics as the greatest rock band of all time “The Rolling Stones”, in 1962, along with Jagger, Jones, Wyman, Watts and Stewart.

Several of the songs he wrote with Mick Jagger are included in the world’s top experts lists with the greatest songs of all time.

The “Rolling Stone magazine” ranked him 4rth in its list with the top 100 guitarists.