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A name of different origins.

From the Welsh word “cynwrig”, meaning great champion.

From the Old English names Cyneric, meaning royal power, and Cenric, meaning bold power.

Sources also mention association with the Scottish Gaelic surname Mac Eanraig, meaning son of Henry.

The Highland Scottish surname Machendrie may also be anglicized into Kendrick.

Feminine form of the name is Kendra.

Variations of the name are: Kendric, Kenrik, Kenrick, Kendrix, Ken.

Famous bearers are Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, Kendrick Sampson, Kendrick Perkins, Kendrick Lewis, Kendrick Scott.

American rapper Kendrick Lamar, originally rapped as K-Dot and released his first mixtapes when he was just sixteen years old.

He has worked with prominent hip hop artists, including rap superstar Dr. Dre.