Kit is a unisex name of Greek origin.

When used as a boy name, Kit is short for Christopher.

Christopher is an English name of Greek origin. From the Greek name “Χριστόφορος”, (pron. Christophoros), meaning «bearer of Christ».

The name is a combination of two words: “Χριστός” (pron. Christós, meaning Christ) and “φέρω”, (pron. phero), meaning to bear.

When used as a girl name, Kit is a diminutive form of Katherine.

Katherine is also a name of Greek origin, associated with purity and lucidity.

Due to its connection with Katherine, Kit is a name projecting vibes of magic, wealth and light, via Katherine’s association with the name Hecate, the ancient Greek goddess who has power over heaven, earth and sea.

Famous male bearers are Kit Harington, Kit Weyman, Kit Hesketh Harvey, Kit Williamson, Kit Watkins, Kit Taylor, Kit Culkin, Kit Connor, Kit Cope.

Famous female bearers are Kit Hoover, Kit Pearson, Kit Pongetti, Kit Chan.